Fit Meeting

The first step in our process begins with an initial consultation. This meeting gives us time to get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit for building a mutually beneficial partnership. Even if we hit it off fantastically, our team always recommends that you take a few days to consider whether we’re the right match for you. We want to enter every relationship from a place of trust and confidence.

Financial Blueprint

Once we both agree to move forward, we begin getting to know you and your family. We also consider your current financial situation along with your hopes and dreams for the future. Lastly, are there any anticipated challenges that may prevent you from achieving your goals?

We create the first draft of your financial plan using this information and present it to you in our second face-to-face meeting. We walk through all proposed strategies to ensure you fully understand each recommendation and are comfortable with all proposed actions. We listen carefully to your concerns and suggestions and use these to update your plan as necessary until you are 100% confident with every strategy.

Strategy Implementation

Once you have approved your financial plan, we begin implementing your specific strategies. We’ll walk you through completing all necessary paperwork and initiate the account transfer process. We also set you up with secure online access to your accounts.

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